Mr. Sudhirkumar Makwana (Mali)

"SAVE RELIGION TO SAVE MANKIND" Give the gift of a new spiritually beautiful world, to the future generation through the revelation of the truth religion. How long will we watch Human Atrocities This is the time to make religion free from Spiritual darkness and to stop Lawlessness. By starting one campaign I wanted to start Golden time for human society. By awaking them on the way of transparent spirituality, and show its possibilities to present religion in short form. When there were no religious places or scripture at that time on the way of Spirituality, religious place and scripture were composed. To present this seven major religious doctrine on huge stage amongst society I'm in need of financial help. It is possible to control over population by religion. It is possible to control over corruption by religion. It's also possible to control weapon usage by religion. By stopping and reducing violence we can brighten up our lives. New generation will ask for proofs, they will not believe in religious discourse. Many attempts made by intellectual leaders to establish world peace but they did not succeed, and the reason behind this failure is that we always protect ourselves from dangerous animals and natural disasters & also by improving useful sources. But until we do not make any changes in our religion , our religion which is the way to peaceful life and salvation we can Loose ourselves in the religious darkness and using weapons(lawlessness). We are here looking for peace. To establish peace aiming towards the true religion is most important. There will be success only when there will be Peace and there will be peace only when there is a religious settlement. Today's perfect man reached to the moon but failed to establish peace. The world has become very toxic , where cruel thoughts are succeeding to reach each person but true thoughts are failing to reach to every person. The main reason is that to unrest on the name of peace. Adharm Pakhandi are reaching to the society instead of good religious leaders and religion. At the end religious peoples diverting from the true religion, and this is a sad fact. To prevent religion from becoming a joke, it is our moral obligation or say duty of religious lover and religious leader. Join our group today to justify religious work not just for you but also for your next generation and generations after that to save them and protect from kaliyug/Lawlessness. And it is kindly requested to you, to contribute in such nice and peaceful attempts to save mankind.